LOGS & LUMBER LIMITED was incorporated as a Private Limited Liability Company on 17 th June 1967 and commenced business on 10 th July 1967. It was a sawmill purchased from Messrs, Anglo African Timbers. The Directors initiated the installation of Veneer and Plywood Mills, which were completed in 1972. The expansion programme continued till 1999 when the company became the leading producer and exporter of wood products in the country.

The company provides gainful employment for over 1000 Ghanaians and some experienced expatriates. We also provide opportunities for students from tertiary institutions both local and international to sharpen their skills and tailor them into the job market.

Logs & Lumber Limited complies with increasing government efforts to stimulate downstream processing of timber and also to promote sustainable forest management in Ghana.

Mission: To increase the yield out of the logs.

Vision: To stay as the number one wood processing company with good quality products.

Our Business Concepts
1. Providing gainful employment for Ghanaians.
2. Contributing to the Gross Domestic Product
3. Contributing to export earnings
4. Promoting sustainable forest management and environmental conservation
5. Contributing to the socio-economic development of rural communities especially the forest fringe communities.

As part of our social responsibilities we pay five percent (5%) of our share of stumpage fees to communities where we extract our timber as enshrined in the FSD regulations. The company also renders various degrees of assistance to communities, churches, voluntary organizations, District Assemblies etc. These services range from renovation of schools, markets, Community Centers, rehabilitation/construction of roads and palaces to provision of drinking water, football pitches amongst others. These services do not only improve the living conditions of the beneficiaries, but improve their relationships with the company and foster a unity of purpose thus facilitating the work of the company in all its operational areas.