LLL is committed to addressing the social needs of its Forest Fringe communities, and other surrounding communities around its processing plant. Several infrastructural developments have been undertaken by the company over the years, and have also maintained a cordial relationship with its entire fringe and surrounding communities.

Some Infrastructure Developments

A Six-Unit Classroom Block for the Akrodie Community (Bonsambepo F/R)

A Toilet facility established for the people of Amantia (Pra-Anum F/R)


Construction of Football Field for people of the Besease community (Tonton F/R)


Who We Are

Providing high quality products while paying strong emphasis on sustainability. LLL, one of the most socially responsible companies in Ghana, has been able to achieve excellence and is the leading timber processing company in Ghana. Our Controlled Wood(CW) & Chain of Custody(COC) Certified Company gives you option to choose from a wide variety of products and species coming from the rich African Forest.

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