In order to resuscitate some of the already degraded forests and for the company to be self-reliant and consistent in the timber business, vigorous reforestation projects are being embarked upon. It is the view of the company that planted forests can equally provide an array of social, economic and environmental benefits, and can contribute to satisfying the world’s needs for forest products.

This initiative is intended to complement and reduce pressure and promote the restoration and conservation of natural forests. Within this framework, the company has already reforested about 100 ha of the Barekese Dam catchment area along the Offin River and about 171.3 ha at the Bia Tawya afforestation project. Again, an area of over 1,200ha of the Tain II degraded Forest Reserve at Nsoatre under the Sunyani Forest District has over the years been subjected to a progressive establishment of an Industrial Teak Plantation project and from 2016 added the planting of Mahogany tree species. So far, a total area of 400ha has been planted; comprising 350ha of Teak and still planting.