In order to demonstrate the company’s commitment to protecting conservation values in its forests, the company has trained its stock survey team on how to identify HCVs. This led to the identification of the bareheaded rock fowl in the Nkrabea Forest Reserve. The findings were corroborated by Ghana Wildlife Society (GWS). Recently, the company contracted ProForest to carry out HCVs assessment in all its Concessions/TUC areas, which has since been completed.

The care-taker of the Birds pointing at the Clay-like Nests
of the Bird on the rock surface
A picture of a Chick of the Bird (White-Necked Picathartes)

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Providing high quality products while paying strong emphasis on sustainability. LLL, one of the most socially responsible companies in Ghana, has been able to achieve excellence and is the leading timber processing company in Ghana. Our Controlled Wood(CW) & Chain of Custody(COC) Certified Company gives you option to choose from a wide variety of products and species coming from the rich African Forest.

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