Our range of timber mouldings can help you create the perfect finishing touches to walls, ceilings, skirts, furniture and more. At LLL we stock a variety of timber products and mouldings to suit an unlimited scope of applications.

Our processing plant uses the most modern equipment, which includes latest in moulding machinery made up of ten modern Moulders and automatic finger jointers with an out-put capacity of 10,000 cubic metres per year. 



  Wawa Finger Joint (Multi Use Product)
Finger Joint product is obtained by the joining of multiple pieces. The joining makes it a stronger, straighter wood of up to 6m. Finger jointed segments are produced from the highest quality raw material. 
  Black Ofram Finger Joint
Lamination product. Up to 125cm width and up to 6m length. Finger jointed segments are produced from the highest quality raw material. 
  Combination of Pergola beams and Lamination panels
  Kusia - Decking
The specie is Kusia, It is used for outdoor flooring. We can have other species as well.
   Anti Slip Decking
 Specie - Kusia. Used for swimming pools surroundings.
   Dahoma Finger Joint Under-decking. 
   Tongue And Groove Production
 This product has multi purpose use, depending on the specifications.
   Sauna (White Wawa)
   Black Ofram Finger Joint
 Laminated door.
   Mixed Red Wood Finger Joint
 Laminated door

NOTE: Apart from the species shown above, products can also be ordered in all species found in Ghana.

Who We Are

Providing high quality products while paying strong emphasis on sustainability. LLL, one of the most socially responsible companies in Ghana, has been able to achieve excellence and is the leading timber processing company in Ghana. Our Controlled Wood(CW) & Chain of Custody(COC) Certified Company gives you option to choose from a wide variety of products and species coming from the rich African Forest.

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